Ring Die Pellet Machine or Flat Die Pellet Machine?

Ring Die Pellet Machine or Flat Die Pellet Machine
December 19, 2022

Ring Die Pellet Machine or Flat Die Pellet Machine?

Many consumers are interested in pellet production for reasons like saving money, environmental concerns, or simply because it sounds like a fun hobby. And while finding the right pellet machine is important, it can be difficult to understand the distinctions between models when they all seem so similar at first glance.

The key to making high-quality wood pellets is choosing the right pellet machine. The selection process for a pellet machine depends on many factors, such as the type of raw material and the scale of production. In general, there are two types of pellet machines in the market: flat die and ring die. Although these machines have similar working principles and structures, they have some differences in their details.

What is flat die pellet machine?

The flat die pellet machine can process agricultural wastes, wood processing wastes and animal feed materials into pellets on a small scale. If you’re looking to make your own biomass or feed pellets at home or for small businesses or farms, the flat die pellet machine is perfect for you.

The flat die pellet mill was one of the first machines manufactured for wood pellet production and is still used today, even though it is not as refined or efficient as ring die pellet machines. Small scale manufacturers continue to use this machine because it has many applications, such as organic fertilizer pellets, livestock feed production, and wood pellets.

What is ring die pellet machine?

A ring die pellet machine helps you to create pellets out of solid biofuel sources. Some common materials used in the pellet mill are wood, sawdust, straw, grass, alfalfa and other biomass sources.

The first ring die pellet machine was introduced in 1960s in Germany. However, it did not receive much attention at first. But as the livestock industry developed and people started to need higher quality feedstuff, the use of ring die pellet machines gradually increased.

The ring die pellet machine is a type of pelletizing mill that is commonly used in large-scale industrial settings or biomass fuel plants. These pellets are typically used as raw materials for fuels.

Ring Die Pellet Machine or Flat Die Pellet Machine?

  1. Capacity : The capacity of flat die pellet machines ranges from 50kg/h to 400kg/h, while the capacity of ring die pellet machines is over 800kg/h. So if you need a large quantity of pellets, the ring die pellet mill is the better choice.
  2. Raw materials : Flat die pellet mill can only process soft biomass materials like sawdust, straw, grass and etc., while ring die type can process both soft and hard biomass materials like sawdust, grass, peanut shell, stalk and etc.
  3. Quality : Although flat die pellet mills don’t produce pellets of the same quality as ring die pellet machines because they can’t handle high pressure as well, the pellets are still good enough to use domestically!
  4. Application : The flat die pellet machine is ideal for small-scale pellet production. Additionally, it is very convenient to move aroundlication : whereas the ring die pellet machine has a larger capacity and usually used for large-scale pellet production lines that require high automation levels and greater output capacity.


When choosing a pellet machine, the two main types are ring die and flat die. Both have their pros and cons, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs. If you’re not sure which type of pellet machine is right for you, Satyajit Machineries can help. We’re experts in industrial equipment, and we can help you find the perfect pellet machine for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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