Bag filters are devices that remove particulate matter from a air stream by passing the gas through a porous fabric that traps the particles

Bag filters consist of a number of cylindrical bags made of various materials, such as woven or felted fabrics, that are attached to a tube sheet in a housing. The air enters the housing and flows through the bags, leaving behind the dust on the inner surface of the bags. The clean gas exits through the outlet. The dust is periodically removed from the bags by a cleaning mechanism, such as reverse air, pulse jet, or shaker, depending on the type of bag filter. The dust is then collected in a hopper and disposed of or recycled.

Bag filters have high collection efficiency, low operating costs, low maintenance requirements, and can handle a wide range of air temperatures and dust characteristics.

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Power & Capacity

Model Power (HP) Capacity (Kg/hr)
SRE-BF01 2 2500 - 3000
SRE-BF02 22 4000 - 4500
SRE-BF04 30 8000 - 12000

Input Raw Material

Biomass: Any
Shape: Powder
Size: < 1 mm
Output: Clean Air
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