Counter Flowing Pellet Cooler in India

Counter Flowing Pellet Cooler

Pellet cum Briquetting combo unit

SPC pellets cooling machine is mainly using for cooling 2-8mm diameter pellets, when outlet from pellet machines, the hot pellets temperature is about 60-80 centigrade, after using the pellets cooling machine, the temperature is not higher than room temperature +3-5.

The pellets cooling machine adopts counter flow theory, cold air goes inside of cooler from bottom and then go out from top, hot pellets goes to cooler from top to bottom, as time goes on, pellets will pulse at the cooler bottom, cold air will cool them at the bottom gradually, in this way will reduce pellets broken, if cold air also go to cooler from top, which same as pellets, then hot pellets will meet with cold air suddenly, then pellets will be easily broken, especially pellets surface broken easily. So, the pellets cooling machine can cool fully and equally, pellet broken rate is smaller than 0.2%.

The SPC pellets cooling machine generally works with cyclone and air fan, air lock. which is used to clean dust, also it can install a screener at the cooler bottom, which can separate dust and good pellets after cooling.

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Pellet cum Briquetting combo unit

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