Industry leading designs and automatic reversal system for load protection makes it the best Twin shaft shredder. It is completely made of high grade steel to provide wear resistant and energy efficient operation. Its innovative cutter locking design provides high torque at low speed.

Along with User friendly operation and robust design it has low maintenance cost and operation cost. For the best performance, a triple reduction gearbox box is aligned with the body on a single fabricated base.

It can be used for several materials like wood, biomass, industrial waste etc.

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Power & Capacity

Model Power (HP) Capacity (Kg/hr)
SRE-SH42210 150 3000 - 4000
SRE-SH42212 200 9000 - 10000
SRE-SH42216 354 10000 - 12000

Input Raw Material

Biomass: Any suitable
Shape: Straw, Straw, Bale
Size: Variable
Output: upto 50 mm
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