Flat Die Pellet Machine in India

Flat Die Pellet Machine

Flat Die Pellet Machine

The flat die poultry pellet mill is good ideal machine for farm using or testing using. It is good at press different kind of grass, straw, ground nuts shell, corn straw and other agriculture waste into animal feed pellets or biomass pellets. this pellet mill also can make fertilizer pellets by press the animal waste.

SFDP series flat die poultry pellet mill using the high efficiency motor to provide the power, through the cardan connecting the motor and the gearbox (or motor shaft directly connecting with gearbox), big gearbox inside gears big and strong good for press hard molding materials and with big pressure for the machine, working more stable and with long lifetime.

Flat die poultry pellet mill motor directly connecting with the machine gears and shaft, also overcome the loose defect of belt connecting as long time using, and stable working.

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