Hammer Mill Unit

Hammer Mill Unit

The use of hammer mill technology to grind the bigger size husks and chips of biomass (up to 50 mm size) into powder form. The rotor has passed the dynamic balance test; it can rotate in both forward and backward direction. There are symmetrical operation doors and safety interlocks on both sides. It is smaller in size but efficient enough to meet the customer requirements. Output size of the raw material can be changed by changing the sieve used for screening. The operation doors are helpful to renew the sieve plate and hammers, also helpful for checking up and debugging.

This series hammer mill has reasonable structure, sturdy and durable use, safety and dependability, simple installation, easy operation, least vibration, high efficiency etc

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Power & Capacity

Model Power (HP) Capacity (Kg/hr)
4mm 6mm 8mm
SRE-G2400 78 1000 - 1500 1500 - 2000 2000 - 2500
SRE-G3000 98 1500 - 2000 2000 - 2500 2500 - 3000
SRE-G3600 123 3000 - 3500 3000 - 3500 3500 - 4000

Input Raw Material

Biomass: Any
Shape: Husk or chips
Size: < 50 mm
Moisture: < 20 %
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