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Briquetting Machine Manufacturer

Satyajit Machineries is a leading biomass briquetting machine manufacturer based in India but dedicated to supplying and exporting to many other countries across the world. With a passion for machines and technology to make lifestyles easier, we have come up with a biomass briquetting machine that is of high quality and durability.

Biomass Briquetting Raw Material

Our machines are used in various domestic households and industrial plants, where one can briquet any kind of biomass and convert it into high calorific fuel briquettes. Any kind of biomass might include wheat straw, rice husk, arhar stalks, groundnut shells, pine needles, cotton stalks, sugarcane, and many more. But it is not just restricted to agricultural waste as you can also briquet forest wastes like tree barks, sawdust, wild grasses, leaves, or any kind of trash. Our briquetting machine helps you briquet whatever you want without any binding agents.

Briquette Manufacturing Process

As one of the top briquetting machine suppliers, we have high-performance machines that briquet any biomass efficiently. While stalks from forest or agricultural waste are ground by chipper cum Grinder, other raw materials like sawdust are screened. If you want to use more than two or more types of waste in the machine, you will need to mix it using the mixture manually.

Satyajit Machineries also have a convenient dryer for waste that contains high moisture. Any kind of waste with high moisture needs to be dried using the dryer before using it for converting to briquettes. If you want a particular size of briquettes grains, you can use a hammer mill grinder available on the machine. The dust is collected by the screw conveyor to bypass, and through the same part, the material is discharged from the bin to the press. After the briquettes are formed, they look like the shape of logs and will be pushed through cooling through automatic function.

Advantages of Briquetting

Every year, many kinds of forest and agricultural waste are generated in fields and forests, and they are burnt or destroyed without any proper process. This kind of process leads to severe air pollution to the extent of changing the whole environment, making it hazardous. But with briquetting machines, these wastes can be recycled and converted to high-density fuel briquettes without requiring any binder.

Briquettes and briquette machines are useful because:

  • They are reliable and highly available.
  • It eliminates the necessity of relying on oil energy or many other non-renewable sources of energy.
  • Briquette machines are eco-friendly because with the help of a briquetting press, biomass are carbonised within the machine and eliminates the issue of air pollution in the environment
  • Briquettes are clean and contain almost zero smoke, ash content, or spark. They are easily combustible compared to raw biomass or usual charcoal.
  • One of the other advantages of using a briquetting machine is that the resultant briquettes are of regular shape. This ensures easy storage or transportation.

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