• Ring Die Pelleting Machines presents a range of cutting-edge gear driven, highly efficient, and durable machines designed to revolutionize pellet production processes.
  • With a focus on precision and customizability, these machines are suitable for various industries and raw materials.
  • Key features include state-of-the-art technology, robust construction, energy-efficiency, and user-friendly interfaces.
  • Benefits include increased productivity, enhanced pellet quality, and reliable maintenance plan

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India’s First Vertical Ring Die Pellet Machine Manufacturer

  1. Automatic Feeding Unit
  2. Hammer Mill ( Including Cyclone )
  3. Vertical Ring Die Pellet machine
  4. Cooling Conveyor Belt


6 mm Pellets

8 mm Pellets

10 mm Pellets

Input Raw Material

Biomass: Any
Shape: Husk Form
Size: < 50 mm
Moisture: < 10 %


  • Chassis with Anti Vibrating Pad
  • Cooling air fan
  • Cyclone with stand
  • 4 bag small dust collector
  • Airlock
  • Auto lubricating grease pump
  • Blower
  • Electric panel with remote
  • Ducting Line
  • Standard company made motors
  • Feeding Drive
  • Inbuilt cooling motor with pump
  • Stone Seperator
  • Infeed and outfeed screw conveyor
  • Hopper with Airlock
  • Tool Kit
  • Screener with Airlock
  • Chain with stand
  • RTD sensor system
  • Double Cooling System
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