How to Make Wood Pellets from Sawdust?

Sawdust pellet machine
January 12, 2023

How to Make Wood Pellets from Sawdust?

After undergoing various processes such as cutting, sanding, grinding, and drilling with saws or similar tools, wood leaves behind a remarkable by-product – Sawdust. This material can be used for making particleboard that can ultimately result in furniture pieces or for paper production via wood pulp.

Sawdust has revolutionized the energy industry in recent years, as it is now often transformed into wood pellets to fuel cooking and other activities. It’s an eco-friendly way of utilizing resources wisely, preventing wastage while creating a viable source of alternative energy. Factories producing these sawdust pellets can be found all over the world, demonstrating their immense potential for replacing traditional sources of power.

These wood pellets can easily be used for various purposes. A few are explained below for you to have a look at:

  • Harnessing sawdust to create wood pellets is an effective way of utilizing a renewable fuel source for cooking purposes – making it easy to replace the traditional sources of fuels such as gas, coal, and petrol.
  • Not only can sawdust be transformed into wood pellets, but these same pellets are ideal for heating a variety of spaces such as hotels, schools, and homes.
  • Industrial-sized sawdust wood pallets can be used instead of coal to fuel thermal power plants, providing an effective and efficient alternative energy source.
  • Beyond providing an excellent source of nutrition for horses and various other animals, these pellets can also be employed as bedding. Cows, horses, dogs, and chickens alike all benefit from the cushioning effects of this particular type of pellet.
  • Pellets can be a fabulous alternative to clay when it comes to cat litter.

Making wood pellets from sawdust

Are you interested in the process of creating sawdust wood pellets? It’s quite simple! To make these efficient and cost-effective fuel sources, follow these few steps:

  • To optimize your pallet-making process, you must begin with the right raw materials. Start by adding water to sawdust until it has a moisture content of 8-15%, as this will ensure that you produce top-quality wood pellets. This is especially crucial for smaller pieces such as sawdust which are often used in creating pallets.
  • After that, you must begin the process of adding sawdust to the pellet machine in a gradual manner. If you are producing wood pellets on an extensive scale, then you will need a screw feeder for evenly delivering raw material into your pellet machine. With this tool, it is easier than ever to efficiently produce large volumes of pellets with ease and efficiency!
  • Following the procedure, pellets become exceedingly hot. Thus, it is not possible to store them until they cool down; luckily a pellet cooler can be used for this purpose!
  • The subsequent step is to pass the pellets through a vibratory sieve. This process helps distinguish the intact and undamaged pellets from pieces that have crumbled or turned into powder.
  • Now that you have produced, cooled, and sorted the pellets, it’s time to package them with a pellet packing machine. This easy step will complete your production process and help ensure the efficient delivery of quality pellets!

The process of making wood pellets from sawdust is relatively simple. All you need is a sawdust pellet machine and some patience. With the help of Satyajit Machineries, you can easily make your wood pellets from sawdust in no time.

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