The rotary drum dryer machine is a vital solution for efficient moisture elimination from a diverse range of materials. With its cylindrical design and rotating mechanism, this tool excels in industrial drying processes across sectors like agriculture and manufacturing.

By introducing heated air into a rotating drum, the machine evaporates moisture from materials as they pass through, drastically reducing drying times. Its adaptability spans from grains to biofuels, ensuring even drying thanks to consistent heat and airflow exposure.

Temperature and speed controls are pivotal, allowing fine-tuning for specific materials. Safety features prevent issues, and prevention mechanisms curb material buildup.

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  • Rotary Drum Dryer is always designed and simulated according to the Input Raw Material, it’s shape, size and moisture content and Ouput specification requirement.
  • All the parameters like shape, size, weight, power requirement, fuel requirement etc. vary accordingly

Input Raw Material

Biomass: Any
Shape: Powder
Size: < 20 mm
Moisture: < 65 %
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