Saw Dust machine consist of heavy duty motor equipped with sharp blades, rotor rotates at a high speed, which chip the wood into small chips as come in contact with the rotor. The blades are made of high quality steel or alloys for durability and efficient cutting.

It can process materials with varying diameter. It is best suitable for logs, branches, and scraps woods/veneer waste.

The Feeding mechanism includes belt conveyor that automaticaly feeds the raw material. It is designed to minimize noise and vibration levels during operation, ensuring a comfortable working environment. It is designed for ease of maintenance, with access points for blades replacement, cleaning and general oil/greasing.

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Power & Capacity

Model Power (HP) Capacity (Kg/hr)
SRE-SDM210 60 1000 - 2000
SRE-SDM2/10 90 4000 - 4500
SRE-SDM21/50 110 4500 - 6000
SRE-SDM3/50 202 9000 - 11000

Input Raw Material

Biomass: Wood, Bamboo
Shape: Logs
Size: 75 mm - 175 mm
Output: Saw Dust
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