Biomass Briquetting Process: Transforming Waste into Sustainable Energy!

Biomass Briquetting Process
October 17, 2023

Biomass Briquetting Process: Transforming Waste into Sustainable Energy!

There is more to briquetting than meets the eye. From biomass wastes to fuel briquettes, the process can be quite intensive. Chipping, crushing, sifting, drying, conveying, and packing are just some of the many steps involved in this complex production line. Accordingly, the schipper, crusher, screener, dryer, conveyor, and packager are all necessary equipment.

Satyajit Renewable Engineering Pvt. Ltd. has been relentlessly progressing down the path of eco-friendliness and technological advancement. Located in the busy Indian city of Rajkot, Gujarat, Satyajit Machineries is fully committed to tackling important global environmental issues, like reducing pollution, and reaching net zero carbon emissions.

List of Factors to Consider When Making Briquettes

Read on to be better informed about factors to consider when making briquettes.

Types of Raw Material

The glue for the entire briquetting operation is the lignin found in wood and agricultural waste. Under intense heat and pressure, the biomass fragments are held together. The chemical makeup and physical properties vary across materials. Thus, all fare differently when subjected to briquetting. Satyajit Machinery can cater to specific requirements for models of briquette machines for specific biomass materials, ensuring the quality of the final briquettes and increasing production capacity.

Screening and Crushing

The materials must undergo several pretreatment steps before being fed into a briquette making machine. Manufacturing equipment can be damaged by feedstock that is the wrong size or contains unwanted contaminants, affecting the briquetting outcome. Crushing and screening are thus indispensable.

Moisture Content

Only materials with a moisture content of 10% to 12% are suitable to be fed into the briquette machine. Thus, drying facilities are required.

Compression Ratio

Briquette machines can be adjusted to work with various biomass by changing the compression ratio. Thus, it is important to consider whether the compression ratio can be adjusted to suit the needs of various materials before settling on a manufacturer.

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