Torrefied Pellet Machine Manufacturer

Torrefied Pellet Machine Manufacturer
February 07, 2022

Torrefied Pellet Machine Manufacturer

At Satyajit Machineries, we work with leading material suppliers for our manufacturing requirements. We are one of the leading torrefied pellet machine suppliers in the world, and we are described as a reliable torrefied pellet machine manufacturer.

Our machines are suitable for any kind of biomass torrefaction. They are designed to cater to simple domestic household requirements and large industrial high productivity requirements. Our products are exported worldwide, and our production chain is known for its durability and premium quality.

We have a design and research team that leverages the newest technologies to bring compact and highly convenient solutions to a wide range of users.

Our unique design and compact torrefied pellet machine can help you torrefy your white biomass pellets without causing significant pollution. This makes our machines eco-friendly and meets the global standards in terms of pellets and machine quality. Our machines also consume comparatively low energy.

What is Torrefaction?

Thermal pre-treatment processes like torrefaction are becoming more popular because they improve the physical and chemical qualities of biomass for recycling. During torrefaction, biomass is heated slowly to a maximum temperature of 300°C in an inert or oxygen-deficient atmosphere. Solid, consistent products are produced as a result of the torrefaction process that contains less moisture and more energy.

Simply, after pelletization of the biomass, you roast and ground them. This process increases the energy content of the biomass, but there are other benefits of torrefaction as well.

  • Enhances combustion properties of the biomass
  • Increases water-resistance ability
  • Slows down the biological process in the biomass, and hence slings down decomposition. This is good for the biomass if you want to store them for a longer time.
  • Enhances energy density of the biomass content
  • Increases grind-ability

What materials are needed for torrefaction?

You can use any raw material that can go through the pelletizing process and be used in our torrefied pellet machine. However, the most common raw materials used are woody biomass.

You can also use feedstocks like barks. Refer to our guides if you want to use raw materials like hay or straw before the operation because sometimes, they can affect the machine’s operations and not offer any value after torrefaction.

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