Things you must know about biomass pellet machine

Things you must know about biomass pellet machine
February 04, 2022

Things you must know about biomass pellet machine

Biomass pellet machines are increasingly popular nowadays, especially because they offer an eco-friendly way of doing things. Not only in industrial levels but biomass pellet machines are nowadays used in domestic households as well. While manufacturers have made it easier for individuals to use the machines without requiring technical skills, there are a few things a customer needs to know before buying or using a biomass pellet machine.

There are two types of pellet machine

Pellet machines are of two types mainly:

  • Flat Die Pellet machine – It offers a compact and simple structure, and you can adjust its pressure depending on different materials.
  • Ring Die Pellet Machine – This machine can manage with less power consumption and can manage higher-quality output. 

Raw materials

Many customers and users are not sure what raw materials a biomass pellet machine requires to make pellets. Some of the common raw materials used in biomass pellet machines are wood, dust, rice straw, cotton stalk, corncob, wheat bran, sawdust, and other agricultural or forest wastes. 

Cost of the biomass pellet machines

Wonder what would cost you for a biomass pellet-making machine? It often depends on the type of the machine, its capacities, or whether it is R type or D type. Biomass pellet machine costs will also hugely depend upon the manufacturer you are buying from, as it varies in quality, production, and types of raw materials used. 

Always ask your manufacturer beforehand about the pricing and details. 

Power sources of biomass pellet machine

Small biomass pellet machines are designed to meet many ranges of users and their requirements, and hence they have conveniently 4 sources of energy sources – electricity, diesel, gasoline and PTO 


Biomass pellet machine buying is not an easy job – especially if you are starting a new business and you are looking to buy in bulk. You can talk to Satyajit Machineries about your requirements and don’t hesitate to let them know your lack of knowledge about particular aspects. 

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